My good friend Atsuko hosted a very high energy collective visual arts exposure in hopes to raise funds for the tsunami disaster in Japan. It consisted primarily of photography and screen printing. My take on it was to express a sense of movement and travel thru sea glass and beach pebbles found on Baker Beach San Francisco, while my wife and I still resided there. With these rocks and sea glass I took the famous Hokaido wood block print as reference and inspiration to create my own. With my collected rocks, my approach was a traditional rayograph method for darkroom photography printing as technique.

These rocks and sea glass could have traveled thru the course of many years and possibly from the coast of Japan. We might never know. Similarly to how the ocean water moves from our shores, to later create a tsunami in the shores of Japan. That is what the black and white image represents.

The rest of the images are playful work, except for the one with the piñata. That was my take on the country’s appropriation of cultural traits as a satirical comment to the current and past immigration issue.