One Day in Hunters Point

This particular day I wanted to take a walk around one of the roughest neighborhoods in San Francisco. At least that was what people told me, so I wanted to see it for myself. I asked my friend Matt if he wanted to join me for the day excursion and he agreed. He also photographs and had brought his camera during this sunny morning in the Bay Area.

When we got there, parked and walked for most of the time. We were witness to many things on the daily life of this neighborhood. A building had just burned down and many people had lost their belongings, one of them was about to travel across the country and everything had been left inside. Now it was gone and including part of his car had caught on fire, it was now his home. When we got there, the fire dept. was still putting out the fire.

We also partook in a candid portrait of a mother and daughter on their way out of their house. I asked to take their photograph and the mother said yes.

An empty basketball court had caught my attention and we had also trespassed to take a few snaps of the local loading docks and shipyards. It was a very meditative day.