San Francisco Lines

My intention with this project, as I was hauling around a monorail 4×5 film camera and a very heavy tripod through the streets of San Francisco, was to photograph structures that stand and have a visual impact of their own. I would usually ride by these on my daily bike commute to work or school and they would catch my eye in passing. The idea was born after I had seen Frank Gehry’s documentary by Sydney Pollack. It had inspired a new appreciation for architecture and reaffirmed and old interest in this art form as well. Although these structures captured on camera did not resemble those of Gehry’s, my take on this was the focus on the design of certain buildings that reside in the city of San Francisco. Some iconic and some not, it is also a documentation of humanity’s footprints and the deterioration of them. My desired presentation choice for this series of work is in puzzle form, an example of what we humans can create and what we can also destroy.